The ICSU Update

ICSU's Student-Run Newspaper


Mrs. Rose Song – Supervisor

Hello- Mrs. Rose Song here. I was born in Seoul, but grew up in the US (age 1+), of which I call home. I studied B.A- Piano, M.S.- Education, and currently a Ph.D- doctoral candidate in Education. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart the past 20 years and have three daughters: Lauren, Lyndsy, and Lilyanne. I have a deep passion for Christ and love to disciple new converts. I also enjoy a good book with a cup of lavender tea, puzzling with my hubby, binging on Tim Hawkins comedy, and a classical music junkie. Loving my ICSU Journalism class and also currently, my new cross country team. 🙂 Blessed to be at ICSU- my alma mater!

Erin Kwon, 12 – Teacher, Editor

I’m Erin, and I’m originally from California—it’s my fifth year in Korea and second year at ICSU. In my free time I enjoy reading and watching movies. I’ve written for my old school’s newspaper and the Korean Herald. Last year I started the ICSU Update and am so thankful to be joined by a team this year. I can’t wait to watch the newspaper develop in the coming months. 

Stephairy Park, 12 – Editor in Chief, Reporter

Whats goodie boys and girls of ICSU, my name is Steven Park and I am the editor-in-chief of the ICSU journalism course. I am currently a senior after 6 years in this school and I was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. Mexican food is my way of life. Apart from eating, I enjoy going out and doing things. I’ve also developed a passion for volleyball. 

Regina Sears, 12 – Reporter

Hey! My name is Regina and I’m a senior at ICSU. I was born in Alaska, but stayed in Korea for most of my life. I love watching movies, doing anything with music, and traveling around the world. I’m really excited to be in this team of amazing student writers and journalists.

Joon Young Lee, 12 – Reporter

I am Joon Young Lee of ICS and I am a senior. I’ve been attending this school for 6 years. I am Korean and I used to live in Singapore for 5 years. I joined journalism class because I wanted to explore more about writing articles. I love all kinds of food and I love coffee. It is like part of my blood is coffee. Basketball and Volleyball are my favorite sports. I have great passion for fashion and music which made me decide that I want to be a musician. 

A Special Thanks

A special thanks to Mrs. Havill for advising and proofreading The ICSU Update when it was a newly-formed newsletter in the 2019-20 school year.

The ICSU Update as a Newsletter (2019-20)

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