By Regina Sears

Meet Mr. Lee. He worked as ICSU’s custodian for 23 years. Mr. Lee started out as one of ICSU’s bus drivers in May of 1998. Once his wife joined him on his job in 2004, he became the main custodian and continued to serve ICSU until early 2021.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lee has retired from working as ICSU’s custodian as his increasing age spurred difficulty in continuing his job. It is important for the ICSU community to come to recognize and respect Mr. Lee’s hard work over the past 23 years and thank him for serving the community. 

Mrs. Lee, photo via Mickey Jo

Currently, Mr. Lee has been hospitalized due to his health conditions, and ICSU’s other custodian and his wife, Mrs. Lee, is helping take care of him. Please give ICSU your best wishes as the school will have to say goodbye to a long known member of the community. A GoFundMe for Mr. Lee’s condition will be linked below if anyone would be generous and willing to support Mr. Lee. 

Link to   Mr. Lee’s GoFundMe: