By Steven Park

Founded in 1965, Subway has been dominating the sandwich game ever since. Today, we will be reviewing the subs from this fast food restaurant chain and also recommend the best toppings and combinations to get.

Subway, an American fast food franchise that primarily sells sub sandwiches, was founded in 1965 by 17 year old Fred DeLuca and financed by Peter Buck. The chain is now managed by John Chidsey from November of 2019. There are currently 41,600 different locations scattered across the globe, but today we will be focusing on the locations in South Korea.

Subway has only been in Korea for 13 years but has generated billions of won in sales and established 64 locations in Seoul alone. The menu offered in Subway Korea resembles the one in America with classics such as the BLT and Meatball Sub being present in both. However, Korea took its own take on this popular sub franchise and added additional menus such as, the Egg-Mayo, K-BBQ, and Shrimp sub. 

One of the most popular sandwiches in Korea is the Egg-Mayo by far. When asked about what this interesting topping tastes like, Senior Joon Young Lee exclaims, “Oh I love it! It’s my go-to. Whatever menu I order, I will always add egg-mayo to it unless I get the Egg-Mayo sandwich.” It isn’t uncommon to see Subway workers refilling the egg mayo topping due to the high demand of this topping. In addition, the avocado and double meat is also enjoyed by many here in South Korea. 

For bread, the Parmesan Oregano, Flat Bread, or Wheat are common choices for customers. Sandwiches are up to personal preference but when asked about his favorite, senior Steven Park responded with, “The Italian BMT is what I usually order. The combination of different meats never fails to satisfy me.” Sophomore John Yoon says, “I usually get steak, cheese, spinach, ranch, peppers, and jalapenos.”

Overall, it seems that Subway Korea is enjoyed by a vast majority of ICSU’s students. It is always a great, reliable choice that offers fresh sandwiches packed with flavor.