By Steven Park

On March 24th to March 26th, ICSU hosted the annual Spiritual Emphasis Week. Although ICSU was unable to host it at a retreat center this year, the event still took place on campus. Students were encouraged to experience spiritual growth through a variety of activities and learning opportunities. 

This year’s theme was resurrection, which was emphasised throughout the duration of this event. Students started their day off with either a chapel session or with their chapel small groups for discussion and prayer. Afterwards, the National Honor Society (NHS) led activities, such as an escape room, pictionary, school trivia, bible jeopardy, outdoor activities, and poster-making. 

There was a lot of positive feedback from both the students and staff for the activities planned by the NHS. Senior Joon Young Lee says, “All of the activities were super fun. If I had to rank the top three, I would say pictionary, escape room, and school trivia.” At the end of the day, students were able to finish their day off with the movie, “Risen.” 

When asked about their experiences with this year’s altered Spiritual Emphasis Week, seventh grader Lyndsy Song says, “I enjoyed the pastor’s message and all the activities were enjoyable. If I had to pick one, the Bible jeopardy activity was my favorite. Through the activity , I was able to learn new things that I didn’t know before. Even though COVID restrictions were around, the NHS and staff members made this year’s Spiritual Emphasis Week very fun.” 

Sophomore Samuel Poirier adds, “Spiritual Emphasis Week was far better than I expected. It went way smoother than previous years and was well organized by the NHS and Mr. Padgett. My favorite activity was either the escape room or the bible jeopardy. Those activities involved everybody and made them contribute. Overall, I was really happy with how Spiritual Emphasis Week went. I think the teachers and leaders did really well with answering questions and engaging the students during the two days.”

Despite the difficult circumstances posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ICSU was able to successfully organize and execute the Spiritual Emphasis Week which received lots of positive feedback from both staff and students.