By Regina Sears

ICSU will be hosting their biannual Parent-Teacher Conference this semester on March 23rd. While these conferences are usually clustered with many visitors,  ICSU will be implementing different rules for this year’s conference. Chairs and tables are to be set far apart to maintain social distancing, temperatures of visitors are logged and recorded. Sanitizing hands before entry will be required, and masks will also be required to be worn at all times.In addition to these regulations, parents had to reserve appointments at specific times, albeit in limited numbers, which was a contrast from past conferences where reservations were not necessary. 

Apart from the current COVID-19 difficulties, Parent-Teacher Conferences present parents with a valuable experience and an opportunity to support their children. As parents are rarely ever present to see their child at school, Parent-Teacher Conferences are essential for parents who would like to assess their child’s strengths and areas of growth.In order to solidify parental engagement, Korean and Chinese translation services are to be offered to those in need.

Having 29 years of field experience in education, Director Mr. John Havill gives his answer to this question: “What is the Importance of a Parent-Teacher Conference?” He replies,  “Communication between parents and teachers is very important in the education process. Parent-Teacher conferences allow teachers to share with parents what is going on in their classrooms and how the parents can help their student at home. It also gives the parents an opportunity to talk with the teacher and ask any questions they may have about the class.” 

Although some parents are unable to attend the conferences due to prior schedules or work, it is a vital opportunity to discern their child— as a student, a person, and as a member constituent to social settings. When asked about her experience with the conference back in October, a parent of a 7th grader replied, “I really liked the conference. It was informative and detailed!” She continued, “Teachers using assessment sheets and handing out report cards helped as I could see my child’s progress. Everything was good except the limited time allocated to this event, which prevented me from talking to all nine teachers. Extending the event to two days might have helped. Overall, it was a great, smooth experience.” 

ICSU will have its last Parent-Teacher conference  of the 2020-2021 school year on March 23, 2021 and would encourage parents to participate in this opportunity for their child! Parents can sign up by calling the ICSU front office at their telephone 031-855-1277.