By Regina Sears

On January 19, 2021, the College Board announced major changes related to the SAT they would be making from the Fall 2021 semester. 

To make standardized testing for the college application process more efficient, the College Board will no longer offer SAT Subject Tests and the test will officially be discontinued. All test registrations in the U.S. will be canceled in which a full refund will be provided. Taking into consideration that international students have “a wider variety of purposes” encompassing the SAT Subject Tests, all registrations until June 2021 will be administered. 

Along with the Subject Tests, the optional Essay portion will also be discontinued in the SAT. However, all students—US and international—will be able to take the Essay registered for tests until the June 2021 administration. According to the College Board, they are making these changes to “reduc[e] demands on students.” For the Essay portion, the College Board believes that “[this change is] for students who have other, more relevant opportunities to show they can write an essay as part of the work they’re already doing on their path to college.” Similarly for the Subject Test, they are discontinuing it as “the expanded reach of AP and its widespread availability means the Subject Tests are no longer necessary for students to show what they know.”

If international students believe that continuing with the Subject Tests is not necessary or valuable to their college admissions, students who have registered for the May or June 2021 Subject Test administrations can contact the College Board at their international Customer Service call (+1-212-713-7789) or email (