By Steven Park

After a long break, ICSU is happy to open its doors to students for the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

ICSU welcomes all of you back and hopes that everyone has a safe and relaxing break. As of now, ICSU plans to remain open until further notice. If there are any spikes in COVID-19 cases, ICSU will most likely return to being online. 

It has been confirmed that there are seven new staff members coming in the next school year. Unfortunately, there are also many secondary teachers that will be  leaving ICSU after the end of this year. 

For any AP students that are curious about how this year’s AP exams will be taken, the College Board has announced their hopes of conducting AP exams offline this year, but no plans are absolutely certain. At the moment, the College Board has not released plans to hold the 2021 AP exams online. However, there have been other speculations that schools that are online will take the AP exams online. This has not been officially confirmed nor announced by the College Board and is based on public discussion.

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In addition, this year’s basketball season is coming to an end and the athletic directors from international schools have discussed what will happen for the upcoming soccer season.They came to the decision of having an official season this year! Keep in mind that KAIAC regards everyone’s safety; therefore, this decision may be subject to change.