By Steven Park

This 2020-2021 school year, ICSU was blessed with a new teacher, Mrs. Rose Song. Previously a student in ICSU, Mrs. Song has come back to be the new librarian and elementary school teacher. Originally from northern California, Mrs. Song has also lived in Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, Washington, Louisiana, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, and even Vancouver, Canada. 

She has been married for 20 years to her college sweetheart who she met at ICSU and has three daughters also attending ICSU. Mrs. Song has a bachelor’s degree in piano, a master’s in educational leadership, and is currently a doctoral candidate for Ph.D in curriculum and instruction. 

Mrs. Song says she traveled extensively as a child due to her father being a church planter in the US. Having been exposed to mission work during childhood, Mrs. Song has always had a tender heart towards global missions. She and her husband surrendered to full-time mission work during their sophomore year of college at a Bible conference. She and her family returned to Korea in 2017 with the great burden to bring hope to broken marriages and families. Mrs. Song says she was heartbroken to find that suicide rates in Korea are some of the highest in the world: “I believe the lack of marital and family unity may be one of the culprits to such tragedies. I am also convinced that if the foundation of marriage disintegrates, the pillars of family and education will also falter.” Mrs. Song also strongly supports God’s mandate of Deuteronomy 6:6-7 that parents are to diligently train their children. This is not the sole job of the school nor the church, but the initial and ongoing responsibility of parents from the home.  

When asked what her teaching experience was like, Mrs. Song replies, “After twenty years of being involved in education both in the United States and South Korea as a musician, teacher, administrator, and guidance counselor, I primarily now focus with a passion on equipping parents with Christian education. It breaks my heart when I encounter parents that have ‘checked- out’ from parenting; I believe the family unit is extremely important and an integral part of student academic achievement.”  

Mrs. Song explains how ICSU has been an integral part of her life: “All of my siblings and my husband’s family both attended ICSU during their secondary school years. In fact, my husband actually came to Christ after hearing the gospel at ICSU. I am so thankful for this school as it has had a large influence on both my husband’s and my life. I am also grateful that the Lord has seen fit to have my own three daughters now attend ICSU. The small family-like environment truly validify God’s calling for me here. As much as I call the US my home, my time here in Korea has been memorable. I am honored to be back in Korea ministering as an educator and Pastor’s wife to hurting moms in their marriages and children’s education efforts.” 

Mrs. Song shares a bit more about herself apart from her educational and school life: “My hobbies and interests consist of orchestral concerts, reading mystery books, composing music with my three girls, and anything to do with holistic Christian education philosophy. My favorite foods are Mexican, Italian, and Greek – I think I have them at least once a week. Apart from Christ and Christian education, I value my marriage and my children the most.” 

Lastly, when asked if she has any advice for students that may be reading, she says, “I encourage you to take time today to ask yourself, ‘What is the purpose of life and why?’ Is our life 100% about us? Why are we alive today? What does God have to say about your why’s in life? Having a biblical life philosophy is crucial and affects every area of your being. You are never too young to have a life philosophy.” 

Mrs. Song concludes the interview by sharing a Bible verse she hopes would encourage readers. Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”