By Joon Young Lee

The year 2020 has been very diverse and dramatic for many people. ICSU went through a lot of changes and Ms. Juila Troyer is one of them. 

Ms. Troyer grew up in Jackson, Michigan and her family consists of her dad, mom, younger brother, and an older brother. Favorite food is chocolates and she likes taking trips overseas and experiencing cultures that are different from hers and that’s why she prefers living in Korea than the U.S.

When asked about why she chose ICSU, Ms. Troyer replied, “I learned about NICS while I was attending college.  As I learned more about the organization and what it stood for, I decided that I would like to apply as a student teacher.  I was able to student teach and apply for a job.  God closed doors on a couple of other schools, but opened the doors for me to come and teach here this year.”

Ms. Troyer said, “I value relationships both family relationships and friendships.  You never know what God’s plans are and you never want to regret how you handled a relationship, left a conversation, or treated the people in your life.”

When asked about advice for the younger generation of ICSu students, Ms. Troyer said, “Life is too short not to live it to God’s fullest.  Love those around you even when it’s hard and you do not agree with them.  Always do the work in front of you to the best of your ability.  Something I ask myself a lot is what do I want to be remembered for in my life.” 

ICSU warmly welcomes Ms. Troyer to the family!