Q. Are you a Christian? (yes/no)

A. Yes, I am a Christian. I was born and raised in a Christian family. 

Q. How did you discover God? 

A. I personally experienced God when I was a senior in high school. Before that, I was a typical pastor’s kid, who went to church just because I had to. 

Q. How did you discover NICS and why did you decide to work at a Christian school? 

A. I searched up International Christian Schools in Korea, and the NICS organization popped up. That was how I got to know NICS and then ICSU. I always wanted to work in a Christian school because the main purpose of me being in this education field is to talk about God freely with the students. I don’t want to say it is impossible to do that in a non-Christian school, but it’s very hard. 

Q. Has ICSU contributed to your faith? If so, how? 

A. ICSU has contributed a lot to my faith. The biggest thing is I got to increase my praying time. While I spend more time with the students and the staff here in ICSU, I realize that there are a lot of people to pray for. I’m very thankful to be in this small community. 

Q. Did God work in your life? If so, how?

A. One quote I really like is “Go where you are sent; Stay where you are put; Do what you are told; Leave when you are done” As a missionary kid, from a young age, I have moved to lots of places. I had to learn how to adapt to a new environment, understand the different cultures, and be used to say ‘hellos and goodbyes.’ But through all those numerous movements in my past life, I have experienced the God who provides. As I got older, I became less worried moving to new places because I trust that God will lead me to the best way.  

Q. When you think of “God”, what comes to your mind first? 

A. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think about God is “Good good father” <- my favorite Christian song sung by Chris Tomlin. 

Q. If you could ask God one question, what could it be? 

A. I will ask him “When can I meet my Eve?” jk. I’ll ask him “What was one thing I have done that made you glad?” 

NOTE: The ICSU Update is starting a series of God’s Calling articles where staff members interview students and teachers about their relationship with Christianity and invite them to share their stories. If you’re also interested, please reach out to Mrs. Song or Erin Kwon.