By Joon Young Lee

Due to the advancement of COVID-19, ICSU has decided to hold an online Christmas concert for the first time ever. It was a difficult decision to make, but the concert must go on with safety precautions.

Throughout the years, all of the Christmas concerts have been done offline at specific venues, but this year, there is a twist to it. It is going to be an online concert that could be watched and listened to anywhere in the world. Steven Park, a member of the choir said, “A live offline concert would be much better, but there is nothing we can do about it. I look forward to having an offline concert in the spring if possible.”

Erin Kwon and Regina Sears, seniors at the school, shared the sentiment that “we will watch the concert, but it’s sad to not be at the concert.” COVID posed the main issue that concerned the choir members, but the choir members persevered through to make the best out of what they had.

In order to make the concert happen, Ms. Lockman decided to make a video collage of the recording of the songs and a few different pictures.

One of the songs that many are looking forward to is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. The song has a lot of emotion and is embedded with a strong message. Ms. Lockman, the conductor said, “ It is a bummer that we couldn’t perform in front of the audience because the choir prepared so much, but I am still happy that we can show what we practiced through the screen.” 

The concert will be completed around Christmas time. We hope that a lot of people will be willing to watch it with us.