By Regina Sears

Since the start of the election on November 3rd, the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election has been the epicenter of world attention. With opinions clashing throughout the country and even worldwide, the election has brought potential protests, and on the other hand, celebrations and parties. 

How the U.S. Presidential Election works is simple. There are two main categories of voters– regular citizens being the nationwide direct votes, and the electoral college. Depending on the state size, each state has different numbers of representatives. The numbers of the electoral college of a state equal the sum of the state representatives and the two senators of each state. After the nationwide votes are counted and certified, the electoral college will cast their vote, with the majority within the college taken into consideration. When a candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, they have won the election. As a result of this system, there have been instances in US history where a candidate won the nationwide vote while the opposing party won the election. 

Some believe that the election has ended on November 6th, when the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, reached 270 electoral votes on his count. With this news in the air, many popped their champagne and celebrated the new U.S. President-elect. While the election was still going through recounts, Biden had presented his victory speech, along with his running mate, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 

On the contrary, opinionative divisions between voters rose regarding issues on the security of the U.S. election system. With close votes between the Red and Blue parties in many states, factions of U.S. voters have requested recounts in certain states, such as Georgia or Pennsylvania, some alleging that the election was open to technological threats. The U.S. presidential incumbent, Mr. Trump, and his campaign have announced vocal plans insisting there was extensive fraud in the election and claims that the election is not over. 

According to U.S. election laws, it is required by the states to proceed with an automatic recount of previously casted ballots in the case of a close margin of victory. .

Despite the divisions in America, people should still remember that they are one united nation under the flag of America. People may have differing opinions but they are never of differing nationalities. Divided we fall, united we stand– it’s more than just blue or red.