By Steven Park

There are around 140 million orphans worldwide. Although it’s impossible to help all of them, you can do your part by donating to Isaac’s Home Orphanage. 

Located in Howon-dong, Uijeongbu-si, Isaac’s Home Orphanage was founded in 1961 and is running to this day. This orphanage has collaborated with ICSU awhile now and ICSU students, teachers, and parents have been providing gifts for the children for around two decades. Dedicated to providing a home for orphans, the Isaac’s Home Orphanage is a well-rounded organization for ICSU to invest time and money into in order to make the orphans’ Christmas a memorable one.  

The goal every year for ICSU is to provide a Christmas gift to each child on a list of children given to us by the orphanage. With not much to look forward to during the holidays, receiving a gift means the world to these children which is why the ICSU National Honor Society (NHS) heavily encourages students, teachers, and parents to participate in this annual event. For anyone that may be overwhelmed at the price of the gift, NHS members will happily provide you with an orphan that requested a cheaper gift. Due to past experiences with overpriced gifts, ICSU has requested to the orphanage that gifts requested by the children are under ₩30,000. To make it easier for participants, most gifts can be easily found at a local Home Plus or on websites such as Gmarket or Coupang. 

To sign up for an orphan, either contact Steven Park through email ( or speak with an NHS member at school. Members are as follows: Erin Kwon (12th), Madeline Lee (12th), Regina Sears (12th), Mickey Jo (11th), Hannah Ko (11th), and Lillian Rhee (11th). When requested, the NHS member will show you a few orphans to choose from. Once you select one, all you have to do is purchase the gift, wrap it up, staple the slip given to you by the NHS when you signed up, and deliver it to Room 502 by December 3rd. Participants are responsible for delivering the gift or if certain circumstances prevent you from doing so, please alert an NHS member as soon as possible. 

When asked about this annual event, NHS President Steven Park replied, “This is the first year that the NHS has organized this event without the help of Ms. BJ who helped the NHS in previous years. As a result, it was a bit rushed this year and I would like to apologize for that inconvenience. However, I do believe that this annual event is for an extremely good cause and I am happy to be a part of making these children’s Christmas a better holiday. If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email.”

For anyone considering whether or not to participate in donating to Isaac’s Home Orphanage, feel free to talk to a student with past experience or involvement with this orphanage to see if it is worth it. Please take an hour or two of your time to make someone’s day!