By Joon Young Lee

The students of ICSU were seen skipping lunch or bringing their own lunch when they saw some certain menus on the lunch menu. This has been occurring for quite some time so the lunch ladies and the school faculty were worried about why they weren’t eating certain menus.  

There were two sides to the students who were in the school cafeteria— one who eats school lunch and one who skips lunch. Some of the students love the school lunch while some skip lunch if the menu is not to their liking. Steven Park, a senior, was asked the question, “What are your thoughts on school lunches?” He replied with, “The lunch is very good and the lunch ladies are really kind.” Lauren Song, a junior, said,” It is really good! I wish the salad bar was a little bigger.” 

Photo of ICSU Lunch Menu

Students that  don’t like school lunch would bring their own lunch such as instant noodles or home lunch. When Regina Sears, a senior, was asked  why she skips lunch sometimes , she replied, “I think that the fish cutlets are less appetizing and don’t have good memories of them. Also, I hope the school could update the lunch menu frequently as sometimes the menu changes right before lunch time, so some of the students are dumbfounded.”

We should always remember that the school lunch ladies work really hard to prepare lunch for the students.