By Joon Young Lee

High School seems like a huge wall that middle schoolers face when growing up. There are many expectations and fantasies about being a highschooler. One of the most common things that students think about is colleges and careers. There are even classes about preparing for college. Speaking of classes, there is more freedom to take classes that the students are interested in and willing to learn about. 

One of the perks of being a high school student, especially a senior at ICSU, is eating outside during lunch time. Joon Young Lee, a senior at ICSU said, “ When I was a middle school student, I was really jealous of the seniors and high schoolers. Especially the seniors going out to eat during lunch time. Sometimes, I didn’t like the school lunch menu, so I really wanted to go out to eat at the seven-eleven around the corner.” 

Steven added, “ I really think that this decision is unacceptable as we students go out once or more throughout the day and the school stopping the seniors from going out to eat lunch shouldn’t be done because there are only six seniors in the school.” Many other students also anticipate graduating from school and going out to the open world as adults and going into high school could be considered as taking the first step of being an adult. 

High school could be boring or exciting depending on the person, but there are a lot of new elements to anticipate about. Be prepared and be ready to thrive!