By Regina Sears

Marking the end of the season, ICSU’s volleyball teams played against Korea Kent Foreign School (KKFS) and International Christian School of Pyeongtaek (ICSP) on Saturday, October 24th. A week later on October 30th, both teams played their last games of the season at Gyeonggi International School (GSIS) for the annual KAIAC volleyball tournament. Bringing the sweet taste of victory back home, the Eagles once again had a series of great games, building their skills and sportsmanship. 

As they improved vastly from the beginning of the season, the boys conquered the court during the double header games. “It was good. We went in there with the mindset of, ‘We’re definitely gonna win!’ Those were the two best games we played,” the captain of the boy’s team, Steven Park (12), remarks. He continues, “They almost even lost to our bench players— I’m so proud of everyone. We were amazing!”

Photos by Regina

Due to the boy’s team consisting of all new players, the boys learned how to collaborate and play with each other throughout the season. The boys walked across the court with dominating confidence and learned what victory felt like, together as a team.

The girls, on the other hand, unfortunately did not win both double header games. However, they have shown great improvement on court compared to the beginning of the season. Mickey Jo (11), the captain of the girl’s team reports her experience at the games. “Even though we lost, we don’t get discouraged. It is hard mentally, but I think that’s what makes us stronger and unified as one team.” She continues, “I love our team and we improved so much! I’m so excited about what will happen at KAIAC.”

The boys continued with their effort during KAIAC, but had brought home no wins. Yet they remembered to bring back a valued experience. With a close game against Dulwich College School (DCS) and good practice against GSIS, the boys finished their season strong. “We started off with a lot of confidence, but it got into our heads a bit during the first game”, boy’s captain Steven said. “But, we kept our mentality up during the second game. Although we lost the games, for the first time, we didn’t feel like we lost. Our boys were phenomenal and I was very proud. It was the perfect way to wrap up my senior season.”

With great surprise, the girls showed impressive progress during KAIAC, with two close wins against GSIS and ICSP, and victory against Asia Pacific International School (APIS). “I felt good about our team. All the games were very intense– if we played five sets I’m sure we would’ve won all games. I’m so proud of all my teammates!” captain Mickey Jo explained. 

Both teams’ season ended on the 30th with unforgettable memories and experiences being made. With great effort made by athletic directors all over KAIAC, it was possible for ICSU and many other schools to keep a volleyball season during such a hectic and different year. Replays of the games are located on the ICSU Athletic website and YouTube channel. Links are provided below.