By Joon Young Lee

News is an essential element in the lives of the people. What if those who read it don’t know where the name originated from?

The word became popular when the online publications started publishing online news articles. Back in 1980, the CompuServe dial-up service started working with Associated Press newspapers.the first online newspaper was The Columbus Dispatch which was set live on July 1 and The Washington Post, The New York Times, and many others followed online publishing after that. 

Over the years, people started questioning the meaning behind the word because it wasn’t well known. Some said that it is an acronym for Notable Events, Weather, and Sports, or North, East, West, South — both of them are incorrect. The word “News” came about in the 14th century when the English word developed as a special use of the plural form of “new”. It is associated with presenting new information. 

Eventually, the acronym – North, East, West, South, was found incorrect, however, there are no facts supporting the reasoning behind the meaning of the word “news.” Perhaps people could have used it to make it easier to remember and understand the concept of news and to make it viral amongst the people who are not familiar with newspapers when it first came out.