By Steven Park

On October 16th, ICSU went against KIS in an intense volleyball match in which both the boys and girls had the opportunity to go against better players, allowing them to improve and learn for future games.

Marking the middle of the season, the game against KIS was the last red-division school that ICSU played. Although the games were difficult, both the girls and boys have improved vastly since the beginning of the season. When asked about the experience of playing against better schools, Coach Darcy Lockman responded with, “Having the opportunity to compete with upper division schools allowed our players to recognize their mistakes and fix them. I think both teams are doing incredibly well considering they are going against schools that are out of their division.” This not only served as motivation for both teams to not give up, but was also encouraging for the players to know that they were able to put up a challenge for more skilled teams.

During the KIS game, the girls were able to win a set but unfortunately lost the game. The scores were tight and was an intense match for spectators to watch as the girls put up a good fight. In addition, they kept their heads up and took this as an opportunity to practice and hone their skills. The guys also didn’t win, but were unable to keep a positive mindset throughout the game. Being unable to win a single game during the season so far, the boys were discouraged but were able to pull themselves together during the third set and get really close to winning the set. Nevertheless, both teams hope to improve in their skill sets and beat white division teams in the future. 

When asked about her experiences so far as a captain, Junior Mickey Jo exclaimed, “I think the girls improved so much! I’m so glad and proud of the victories we had against upper division teams. Not only that, we have a great coach leading us.” The guys’ captain, Senior Steven Park responded with, “Although we have yet to win a game, I am confident that we will be able to beat ICSP and KKFS during our double header. None of our players were ever starters and half of them never touched a volleyball. I would say how far we came is amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of the progress we made. Although I am extremely sad that I won’t be able to play with them next year, I have high hopes for this team.” 

The season will come to a conclusion on October 31st, which is the last day of KAIAC. Before this, there is one final game on October 28th against DCS which will be available to watch via YouTube livestreams. Links and addresses to the videos and schools can always be found on the athletic website. Lets go Eagles!