By Steven Park

For nearly a decade, students from ICSU have been going to Cafe Oz for the relaxing vibe and tasty drinks. As it is his last year at ICSU, senior Steven Park reviews the cafe.

Cafe Oz has been a favorite of students of ICSU for numerous years. Popular for the tasty and refreshing drinks offered throughout the year, students come during both the summer and winter to enjoy the beverages made at the cafe. The yogurt smoothies are a personal favorite of mine; the blend of fruit creates a savory and sweet flavor that you will be sure to enjoy. The owner on the other hand says, “I think the Americano is one of our best sellers and what I would recommend. It’s a classic.”

As soon as you walk in, you will be greeted with the pleasing aroma of coffee and chatter amongst the customers. If you are unsure of what to order, there is an extremely big display that includes all the drinks and prices to help with your decision. In addition, there are many tables set up at the cafe for students to get some homework done or have a nice conversation with their friends. If privacy is needed, there are also tables in the back section of the cafe that is separated from the main portion where the rest of the tables are. The cafe is also suited with a small yet sanitary bathroom with a modern sink if you need to use the restroom. It is usually quiet as there are many people that are there to finish up some work so it is the perfect environment for students to go after school if they want to do some homework or study for an upcoming test. 

Apart from school work, Cafe Oz is a great place to just relax and hang out with friends when it is too hot or cold to be outside. Having a nice drink after half days with my friends was the perfect way to end my school day. The owner is very friendly and is always happy to see returning students so feel free to drop by the cafe whenever you need. So if you haven’t visited already, go ahead and give Cafe Oz a try!

Fresh coffee beans that are used to prepare all coffee made in the cafe.
Homemade cakes on display.