By Regina Sears

On Saturday, October 10th, ICSU’s boy’s and girl’s volleyball teams played against GSIS. During a typical season, volleyball games start from August; however, complications with COVID had postponed ICSU’s first game to October. 

The virus posed new challenges to the players and coaches, but this did not stop ICSU from playing volleyball. Following the regulations KAIAC (Korean American Interscholastic Activities Conference) set forth, ICSU’s volleyball teams were able to play against GSIS. 

Just as having to wear masks at school, ICSU athletes had to have masks on at all times, even when on court, which was a challenge but necessary to save ICSU’s volleyball season.

Despite COVID presenting ICSU’s volleyball team with challenges, the Eagles continuously persisted and brought back home a great experience. Boy’s volleyball captain Steven Park shares his afterthoughts of the game. “Our boys were super nervous, I think because it was our first game. Nonetheless, it was a good experience, and I think now we are prepared because we know what an actual game looks and feels like.” The boys unfortunately couldn’t show their full potential, as GSIS had won all sets, however, great improvements were shown as the sets progressed. 

The girls, on the other hand, had a close game. Two points short from winning against GSIS, the girls were still happy that they have improved greatly as a team. Girl’s volleyball captain Mickey Jo (11) shares her experience, “Our game was so close! I have been in volleyball for 3 years, but I think this game was one of our best games. We improved so much and I’m looking forward to seeing what more the girls can achieve.”

When asked about his thoughts on how the games went, girl’s volleyball Coach Mr. Jeong replies, “Honestly speaking, when we had our first volleyball practice, I realized the majority of our players had no strong foundation in volleyball. My goal was just to have them enjoy the sport and get them ready for next year. However, after watching our first game against GSIS, I saw their drastic improvements within 8 weeks. I think the girls will do ‘something’ this season.”

Despite the numerous concerns on COVID cancelling volleyball season, the Eagles were still able to practice and play games this year while following the regulations. To any who would like to rewatch the game, the link and scores are posted below. 

ICSU Girls Volleyball vs GSIS: 

ICSU Boys Volleyball vs GSIS: