By Joon Young Lee

Before being a director of ICSU, Mr. John Havill was a middle school bible, history, and yearbook teacher, as well as  the girl’s cross country coach. After many years of teaching and dedication to  the school, he finally became the director in 2018 and until now, he has been doing a good job of managing the school.

Mr. Havill was a teacher at ICSU  from ‘92-’93 and ‘93-’94. When he was here, he taught middle school bible, history, yearbook, and was the girl’s cross country coach. When he was asked the question about what it was like at ICSU back then, Mr. Havill said, “ There were a lot more students in general and a lot more american students as we had a close relationship with American army bases and Camp Red Cloud.” 

Mr. Havill also mentioned that he worked with Mr. Jeff Lancaster who is the father of Mr. Scott Lancaster, ICSU’s former CFO and boy’s soccer coach. Mr. Havill and Mr. Jeff Lancaster came to ICSU in the same year from the same church in Virginia and Mr. Havill also said that he knew Mr. Scott Lancaster since he was a little baby. 

A picture of Mr. Jeff Lancaster

It was really interesting hearing about what it was like at ICSU before all of the students at the school were born and how the students, teachers, and the school looked like back in the day.