By Regina Sears

From the week of September 21, 2020, ICSU decided to host clubs to help students engage with each of their interests. Due to the precautionary regulations against COVID and with a whole semester of online school, students were not able to partake in clubs during the last half of the 2019-2020 school year.  However, with the administration’s constant effort, starting from the 21st of September, students from K-12 were able to participate in clubs after school. 

Leading the Community Service Club, Senior Regina Sears explains the challenges she encountered in making the club. “I simply thought of creating the Community Service Club because I wanted students not to be so stressed when completing service hours,” she says. However, Regina adds, “But because of COVID, I had to propose solutions on how our club was going to meet. Instead of being clustered in a classroom, now we had to keep social distancing even during club time!” As mentioned, students now have to follow the strict regulations of COVID not only in classrooms but also after school when participating in club activities. 

Emory Anderson and Lily Song Working During Club Time

Senior Madeline Lee, who would be leading the Chinese Newspaper Club and REDDIT Club describes her excitement in being able to lead the two clubs. “I designed these clubs because I wanted to share the experience with students who have similar interests with me and each other.”, mentions Madeline. Apart from the excitement, Madeline adds on, “A lot of hard work had to go in for the clubs– I had to get a list of books approved by the admin and had to advertise the clubs myself.”

Despite the virus bringing challenges to students, they were still excited to be involved in the activities they once enjoyed. 

Elementary Students Cutting Out Flowers

When asked about how she felt about clubs coming back, tenth-grader Yun Kim replied, “I’m glad we’re having clubs again. I feel like there are more interesting options compared to last year– I might join a couple of them.” She also mentioned how clubs might differ from previous years, as “we have to interact physically for some clubs, but it can go against the guidelines on social distancing.”

Mirinae Chong Drawing Flowers During Art Club

After a long break from COVID, teachers and students are eager for clubs to start again at ICSU. Below is the roster of clubs that students will be able to join for the 2020-2021 school year: