By Steven Park

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently affecting countries across the globe, KAIAC has decided to reinstate sports for international schools in South Korea. Students here at ICSU are ecstatic to have sports back in their daily schedule. ICSU athletic director, Darcy Lockman was delighted to inform the students of this news. When asked about her opinion on the return of sports, she replied with, “I’m very happy about it! I am really grateful we are able to participate in sports as I believe it’s a very essential part of a student’s development. Although there are restrictions, I would much rather be able to play than not at all.” Ms. Lockman urges any students that are hesitant about playing a sport to come out to practice and experience first hand the wonderful experience that sports bring. As the head coach of boys volleyball this school year, Ms. Lockman is very optimistic about the future of sports in ICSU.

Apart from the coach, students are also delighted to be able to play the sports that they love with one another. Proven in the past, sports in ICSU help develop extremely strong bonds between students that last for years, and many students are excited to create those same friendships with the newer students. Samuel Poirier, a sophomore that has been playing volleyball and basketball for a few years said, “I’m excited to see how the athletes will develop to the given situation and how it will affect games and practices. I am also very thrilled to see the growth and progress that newer players make throughout the season.” However, COVID-19 regulations are constantly being followed during practice and games. Players are required to wear their masks at all times and balls are constantly sanitized to prevent any cases from arising at ICSU.

The gym has also seen its fair share of renovations this year. The most noticeable change to the gym would be the bleachers for the audience during home games. Unnecessary items in the gym have also been cleared out to maximize the limited amount of space available to players as that was a problem last year. An additional fan has also been placed in the gym to help with airflow and temperature control so players won’t be too hot during practices or games. After seeing the improvements to the facility and being told the good news of the return of sports, Mickey Jo exclaimed, “I’m happy dappy!” 

As shown by coaches and students, it is safe to say that ICSU is delighted to be able to participate in KAIAC sports again. The optimistic and excited atmosphere amongst the students regarding the return of sports will hopefully bring good seasons with minimal injuries and maybe a victory or two.