By Joon Young Lee

During the summer of 2020, International Christian School- Uijeongbu’s director Mr. Havill supported the school  through a major makeover for the students. 

New lockers on the third floor
Our elementary classrooms were also renovated

On the first day of school, the students were in awe as they didn’t expect the school to look so different. Mr. Havill said, “I wanted to modernize the facility so the students would feel more motivated.” In light of the changes, the students were asked a question- What do you want to change about school? Steven Park, a senior at the school, said, “I want the bell schedule for the lunch to be changed because it is too short and there is not much time to eat.” This has been brought up a lot among the students as some say that they don’t mind if the lunch is shorter while the others say that they want longer lunches. There were other suggestions like change of uniforms too which was said by Lauren Song, who is a junior at the school.