By Regina Sears

On Thursday, August 13, ICSU reopened its campus to resume freshly back into a new school year. After an extensive semester of online courses last school year, the Eagles are now ready to spread their wings back into school. This decision was made based on the regulations provided by the Ministry of Education along with ICSU staffs’ determination to open ICSU once again. 

Reopening the school with rapid outbreaks of COVID remaining was not an easy task. 

As Director John Havill mentioned, “I am glad that we can have everyone on campus, but constant reminders of social distancing between students have been one of the biggest challenges for our staff.” Despite Director Havill having 29 years of experience within NICS schools, situations like COVID were an unique experience for him to undergo as a leader. 

However hard it is to maintain students to keep distance and to sanitize their hands, Director Havill is “looking forward to what God has prepared for our staff and students, because God will present us with unique plans for each and every one of us.”

ICSU reopening was not only good news to our faculty and staff, but students were able to enjoy the hands-on learning they were missing last year. 

Ms. Amy Lee Teaching Her 8th Grade English Class

When asked about coming back on campus, Senior Steven Park replied, “I am excited to be able to learn once more, especially with challenging courses like AP classes.” However, students, too, face challenges regarding the regulations on reopening with COVID. 

Steven Park adds on to how wearing masks all day is an incredibly difficult task, “especially during sports and P.E., because we sweat so much but still have to keep our masks on.” Despite the challenges that students and staff have to overcome, they were still looking at ICSU reopening as a blessed opportunity. 

Steven Park adds, “Following the regulations for COVID is inconvenient, but it’s not our school’s fault, and most importantly I get to come back for my senior year!”

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Unfortunately, the recent spike in cases of the virus had caused ICSU to return back to satellite school from August 26th. 

However, Director John Havill emphasized that “We have the advantage as a small school– easier to manage with the strict regulations against COVID.” His thoughts were right— as a small school, ICSU was granted by the MOE to reopen from September 1st, and successfully came back as a whole school from September 3rd.

Junior Lillian Rhee Taking Notes in Class

Currently with the virus, physically being at school may be a challenge, but with frequent hand washing and sanitizing and masks being on at all times, we hope that ICSU  can continue our on-campus education. 

Due to the pandemic, ICSU decided to choose Philippians 4:6-7 as our school verse for the 2020-2021 school year. Like the verse, despite COVID presenting us with challenges, it is our hope that the peace of God will guide us towards Christ.