By Joon Young Lee

So far, only two diseases have successfully been eradicated: smallpox and rinderpest. According to The National Center of Biotechnology Information,  there are 219 known viruses that could infect humans and the first of these was discovered in 1901 which was the yellow fever virus. At least for the past 119 years, humans have been studying and trying to find cures for the diseases that were harming humans and they have succeeded in eradicating two of those many other ones.


Although the vaccines were made and people can get better faster when they get the diseases, the viruses mutated and aren’t confirmed to be cured like the other two diseases. This shows how difficult it is for humans to overcome such natural disasters.

How South Korea Put Into Place the World's Most Aggressive Coronavirus Test  Program - WSJ

Recently, the COVID-19 has been a problem throughout the year of 2020 and people have been dying because of that. At the beginning of this pandemic, people thought that the pandemic would be over due to the discovery of vaccines by the experts in the field, but that was wrong. It only started getting worse as time went on and the only way to prevent it was wearing masks and washing hands thoroughly.