By Lauren Song

This year, ICSU welcomes three new teachers: Mr. Isaac Jeong, Ms. Laura Mackey, and Ms. Amy Lee. Even though school started only a week ago, ICSU Eagles have already been blessed by the presence of these three teachers! Let’s take a closer look at what our students are saying about Mr. Jeong, Ms. Mackey, and Ms. Lee.

Says a 10th grader, “Mr. Jeong is a chill, fun teacher. Even though I mess up during gym class, he remains sympathetic towards me. He is definitely attractive–both inside and out!” A little second grader said, “Mr. Jeong is nice. He seems really happy…and he’s really tall!”

A quiet 11th grader remarked, “Ms. Lee is of calm temperament–which I really admire in her! She is sweet and seems extremely hard-working…” Another 10th grader found Ms. Lee to be “diligent”, and “very involved” in her class. 

 Literally squealing, Lilyanne Song, a second grader, announced, “Ms. Mackey is sooo sweet! I love her voice. She is also funny.” According to another high school student, “hardworking”, “dedicated”, and “motivated” seem to characterize Ms. Mackey as well!

Mr. Jeong is ICSU’s primary P.E. coach as well as a Mandarin teacher. He “student-taught” P.E. for kindergarten through 12th grade while in the United States. Not surprisingly, Mr. Jeong is passionate about sports. “Sports is my main hobby,” he remarked during an interview. “I also enjoy singing and playing the guitar. I like music in general.” Mr. Jeong then declared–without hesitation–his love for pasta! At ICSU, Mr. Jeong is teaching K-12 P.E. as well as Mandarin for 9th grade. 

This year, Ms. Amy Lee is teaching 11th-12th Advanced Writing, as well as World Literature 10, Grammar and Composition 9, and even History for 8th grade! It is with no surprise that students consider her “diligent” and “hard-working.” Ms. Lee has previously taught high school and middle school English in the United States. She is fond of fitness activities. “Let’s see”, she observed during her interview, “…I enjoy bicycling, hiking, and martial arts…and art!”  Additionally, Ms. Lee is proficient on the piano. She savors Greek and Middle Eastern food. 

Ms. Laura Mackey is ICSU’s primary art teacher for the highschoolers, kindergarteners,  and elementary students this year. While in the United States, she also taught art; she is even a licensed TSOL teacher! Some of Ms. Mackey’s hobbies include sculpturing, painting, and playing with her dog. When asked what food she enjoys, Ms. Mackey replied,”Oh…my mom’s food…just anything she makes!”

Though we are sure she misses her family and home back in the U.S., we’re so thankful to have her here at ICSU–as we are of all the new teachers.